This Is Nuts

Roll rolls roll. Mom always said it to the nut.Fall and roll rolls roll.You have a hard shell, you can't break.And so the nut, rolled.In a world made by men, in the sense of human beings, what place can nuts find in the food chain?“Nuts”, as if to say "oh yes, nothing important”.But the nuts have a great quality, as well as rolling in wonderful ways. They are good.So good that there are many types, one better than the other.There are the lean ones, the fat ones, the double ones with the completely rough shell that are no longer called nuts but peanuts. They make us peanut butter, with peanuts. A good thing, sweet and a little salty, that if you eat too much then they must move you with the crane and break the doors to let you go from one room to another.They kill peanuts, if taken lightly.Roll rolls roll. Like the one who eats too many.In the end, thinking about it, at the top of the food chain, there are the peanuts there next to the man.