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They say today is the selfie period. At the toilet, in group, while having sex, in the car, in the snow, with the dog. I preferred the self-timer.
7 - 8/work in progress 10/ let's get to the point 12/education 14/experiences 18/things I can do and how much I can make them blue. 20/ enjoy it 24/verba volant 26/ wanna be 28/ be 29/a daily struggle 40/ contacts
I have to write something on this pages they say.. Maybe all you need is flattery. You know  clichés such as "Milan is a rusty gears system..Too heavy.. That spins around itself.. And beating time, at each turn, it takes away a part of us..."  Actually I don't know if they have any sense at all.
When I work I ask too many questions to myself and I never find the answers, but I always try to make sure that (my) ideas makes the others ask themselves the same questions, because answers are always subjectives. Just try, ask to somebody what time is it. "half past ten" says, instead it's ten and thirty-tree minutes. Bastard.
I'm 23 years old and I'm a young art director who really wants to improve his skills and do new experiences. I love to think and to create, I love watching people who stopped to see what i can do. I strongly believe in hard work and total commitment.
There are lots of famous questions. You know those kind of questions you really don't know how to answer?
Something like "which come first, the chicken or the egg?"
Well, I don't know, but I know that the egg has a perfect shape despite being out of an ass. I'll admit it, I took this from Munari, but you know what?
I do not have the beard because is fashionable, but because I have less chance of catching a cold. And I've got the septum piercing.
There are lots of famous questions. You know those kind of questions you really don't know how to answer? 
Something like "which come first, the chicken or the egg?" 
Well, I don't know, but I know that the egg has a perfect shape despite being out of an ass. I'll admit it, I took this from Munari, but you know what? ----
I live in the only continent without a desert, and that's a rotten luck, especially after I fall in love with Walter White.
IED, Art Direction / Chemistry, Ca Foscari university / High school of science and technology.
You know the blue meth? They say it's the best in the world, the one created by Heisenberg, or Walter White, I mean. I'm not saying that I'm like him, I'm saying that he was the best at doing what he did. Drugs, products, advertising. At the end of the story the main goal is to get into your head, and make you wanna buy, buy, buy. I will never be 'W.W. But  I'm sure I can recognize one when I see it, I might take a little of his knowhow, a bit of his blue meth. I can try to look for others, I can try to steal something from them too. I don't want to settle for a red produce. I WANT TO BE THE ONE WHO MAKES THE BLUE ONE.
I'd like to get out more often to have a beer with friends. The problem is not about friends, or beer. The problem is that at the bar they also make Negroni
Let's talk about languages: on paper 2, Italian and English. Not enough. But nowadays nobody writes on paper. Today there's only one language and is raped consensually and repeatedly each day and, as far as I'm concerned, "she" also likes.
The new language exist thanks to rapes and misrepresentations and it's the only one that it deserve to be known. No longer a code to learn, but a code to chase. Who taught me how to write would find difficult to manage a language full of LIKE, SELFIE, MILF. I do not. I'm in my element. Did you notice that they are all English-native words? Oh, how lucky I am, English is one of the two languages I know.
Collective pseudonym used by an untold number of performers, artists, underground magazines, virtual operators and squatters's collective in the '90s. It appeared for the first time in Italy, in bologna, in 1994, when some cultural activists started to use it to denounce the superficiality and the bad faith of the mass-media system. The collective noun acted with sabotages , performances, exhibitions, publications, videos and radio broadcast.
Artists, graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, musicians, activists and pranksters choose to adopt the same identity. All re-baptized FAQ organizing among themselves to raise hell in the cultural industry.
Hail Mary, full of rage. " at this point God was angry. I understood it not only by the tone of his voice, how I felt inside, but also from the surrounding nature, which seemed to be tinged with bright colors, fiery, as if God and all the creation were united, reflecting their feelings to each another, in harmony."
 Forced to bleed.
I am a soldier. I've seen horrors, horrors that everybody sees, that you see it too. I am a soldier and I fight everyday. But you have no right to call me murderess. You have the right to kill me or judge me. But do not call me murderess. I am a soldier and I fight the horror. My eyes are bleeding and the blood is mixed with tears and tears are mixed with sweat. I am a soldier and everyday I loose blood, sweat and tears to fight the horror. I AM A SOLDIER AND I WOULD DIE FOR BEAUTY.
As a soldier without a team, as Leonardo without Bellincioni, as inter without mourinho, as Apple without Steve jobs, as a dog without a master, as Mike Tyson without Bobby Stewart, as Obama without Michelle, as Coco Chanel without Etienne de Balsan, as me without you.
All the "big" ones had someone who believed in them.
And what about you? Do you believe in me?
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