Antonia Pozzi • Artistic Exhibition

Usually I do my job because I like to try new things, new ideas, new opportunities to experiment and create. To make it short, i like the what’s new. Maybe that's why i am always waiting for something, wether it is the new iPhone, the arrival of an alien race or a new artistic movement. The work done on the works of Antonia Pozzi was not a project like many others, because I had the chance to work on the emotions and find hidden aspects that I did not even think could exist. Antonia Pozzi showed me a reality veiled by sadness and gave me a sort of positive melancholy. It was like listening to a song full of suffering, one of those songs that will eventually leave something positive, that gives you the ability to smile even when you’re hurt, because you realize that it is precisely the negative experiences that give the best to you. The results of all these emotions are twelve posters born of total surrender of my self-control and that here you will find on a calendar, with the hope that they will give a touch of poetry to your everyday life.

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